Chris Bithell

Chris Bithell

Chris Bithell

Hometown Irwin, PA     Years Competing 20

Nicknames Bam Bam

Team Warnert Racing, Can-Am

Discipline Cross-Country

Honors Numerous GNCC wins and podiums, numerous WSPA wins and podiums, 12 hours of America 3x Champion, 2007 Most Versatile ATV Rider of the Year

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03.28.12 FOX athlete wins again in second round of cross-country ATV racing series Read more »

How does FOX contribute to your success?
My FOX shocks get me to the podium every race. They are so smooth and deliver great, consistent performance that without them I do not think I would be as fast as I am with them.

Tell us about your bike/vehicle setup.
My Can-Am DS450 is set up with FOX FLOAT X EVOL shocks, Walsh Racecraft A-arms, ITP tires, DWT wheels, Fast Flexx Bars, Rath bumper, Quadtech seat and SSi decals.

What else is in your garage?
Aside from my Can-Ams I have two other DS450s equip with FOX shocks; one is my brother's Pro-Am race quad the other is my girlfriend's Novice Women's race quad. I also have a Yamaha Rhino and a Suzuki RMZ 250 dirt bike. I also have my Dodge Cummins.

What's your training regimen?
I ride almost every day. I also eat healthy. During the off season I hit the gym and work out daily but when the season is on I stick to riding.

Any major injuries, and how did you recover?
In 2003 I broke my knee cap and collarbone in the same crash. I worked hard and did everything the doctor asked of me. I was back on my quad three weeks after the wreck. It was hard work, and I had to be careful but it was worth it.

What's your typical pre-race/event meal? Guilty pleasure?
I always have pasta the night before the race, either meat sauce or alfredo. The morning of the race I usually have cereal or scrambled eggs. And I have a sandwich before I head out to the track.

How do you determine which races or events to enter each year?
I race the entire GNCC series throughout the year with my factory team. I also race several local series in the off-season and at home. In the winter I race the FTR series in Florida and when I am at home in Pennsylvania I race the AWRCS and CRA.

What motivated you to get started professionally?
I grew up riding every day. As soon as we would get home from school my friends would come over and ride at my house, eventually all the playing around grew into something more. I started racing at age 12 and never looked back. I credit all the riding, making tracks in my yard, and messing around on the quads to helping me grow into such a good rider.

What separates you from other professional athletes?
I feel that cross-country is much more demanding on the body and mind than other sports. It can get really rough out on the track, you have be in great shape and be able to control your quad. You could be the most fit guy out there but if you don't have control you'll end up in a tree or worse. Focus is another thing that is very important, if you lose your focus for just a second you could hurt yourself or someone else. It's not like running when you just have to control your body, you are on a machine that can be potentially dangerous if you're not careful. I think all of this combined sets XC riders apart from other athletes.

What would you be doing if you weren't a professional athlete?
Honestly, I don't know. I turned pro at age 17 when I was a senior in high school and have never looked back. I hope that when I retire from racing I can get a job in the racing community; whether that will be becoming a track guy, a team manager or a FOX guy I am not sure yet.

What's the best thing about being a professional athlete?
The best thing is the fans. I love seeing them out in the woods cheering me on or jumping into a mud hole to help me out. They are so great and are always wishing me luck, asking for autographs, or just stopping in to say hello. I truly enjoy meeting them and even hand out Bithell fan towels, t-shirts and koozies to my biggest supporters. Racing just wouldn't be racing without them.

What other sports are you interested in?
Hunting. Hunting is by far my favorite past time. Archery is my favorite but I also enjoy rifle and small game. I spend a lot of my extra time shooting, planting feed plots and preparing for each season.

Any advice to the readers dreaming to turn pro?
Ride, ride all the time. Even if you're just riding around your yard or trail riding with your buddies all the seat time will really show when you line up on the start. And have fun, when I was younger my buddies and I made tracks and did dumb stuff with our quads and bikes all the time. I loved it. Lastly, enjoy it. If you're not having fun you probably won't do well. Granted you'll have that race every now and then where all you want to do is finish and that's ok, but keep it fun. Remember why you started riding and don't get caught up in the aspect of winning.

What are your favorite magazines and websites?
ATV Insider, Diesel Power, and Field and Stream are my favorite magazines. ATV riders, cumminsforum, and quadzone are my favorite websites.

Favorite movie quote?
"If you're not first, you're last!" - Ricky Bobby

Who is your hero?
Gabe Phillips

Are you a Mac or PC? PC

Top 3 bands Metallica, Hank Jr., and Pantara

Greatest strength Persistence

Most frustrating challenge Getting myself, my brother, my girlfriends, the quads and all the race gear to races without forgetting anything!


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