Aaron Gwin

Aaron Gwin

Aaron Gwin

Hometown Wildomar, CA     Years Competing 11

Nicknames Gwinny

Team The YT Mob

Discipline Downhill MTB

Honors 2011, 2012 and 2015 World Cup Men's Elite DH Champion

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How does FOX contribute to your success?
FOX has been there since day one of the mountain bike racing for me. They give me the best product available but mostly they're just an awesome bunch of people that will do anything to help me succeed. I'm super thankful for the support and it's something I'd like to continue for the rest of my career.

What else is in your garage?
A fleet of other YT bicycles, a KTM 350, ping pong table, and a couple surfboards.

What's your training regimen?
I do a lot of different things for training depending on what part of the season we're in but I'd say I base most of it off weight lifting and interval training.

Any major injuries, and how did you recover?
No major injuries from downhill yet, the man above has been lookin' out for me!

What's your typical pre-race/event meal? Guilty pleasure?
Lately it's been some sort of pasta combination with pesto. I'd say ice cream is the one thing I like at races that maybe I shouldn't. It makes me faster though, so I don't really have a choice...

What motivated you to get started professionally?
I dunno really, I raced BMX and motocross growing up so I've always just liked riding and racing was a way to maybe do it for a job someday. I'm a competitive person too so I don't usually lack the motivation to compete at anything haha...

What separates you from other professional athletes?
Hmm I'd say maybe I'm a bit more mellow than most. I don't need racing to live and if it was all over tomorrow that'd be just fine. I'm super blessed to have the opportunities I have but it's not the biggest thing in my life.

What would you be doing if you weren't a professional athlete?
Probably training professional athletes. I've been lucky to have a few of the best trainers-coaches growing up and they definitely had a big impact on where I'm at today. I'd like to do the same for other people some day.

What's the best thing about being a professional athlete?
I get to do my hobby for a living, a work day for me is waking up and racing a bike... Life is good.

What other sports are you interested in?
I like a ton of different sports, I'd say the ones I'm most into right now are motocross, BMX, surfing, and tennis. I actually did a little bit of training at a UFC gym this off-season to mix up my routine some too, those dudes are gnarly!

Any advice to the readers dreaming to turn pro?
Work hard and don't take shortcuts, every major successful athlete is there because they put in the work.

What are your favorite magazines and websites?
Any of the moto magazines, Racer X, Transworld... Same thing with the websites, I probably check those two sites way more than any others.

Favorite movie quote?
Oh man there's so many... "It's not a man purse it's a satchel, Indiana Jones wears one!" I could go on with these forever but I'll spare you.

Who is your hero?
My parents!

Are you a Mac or PC? PC

Top 3 bands Wolfmother, Jimi Hendrix, and BRMC

Greatest strength God

Most frustrating challenge Myself!


08.13.11 Trek World Racing In Pursuit: Lockdown in La Bresse

Length 7:03   Location La Bresse, France

07.15.11 FOX: 2011

Length 3:55   Location Windham

07.05.11 FOX: 2011 World Cup 4

Length 2:37   Location Mont Sainte Anne, Canada

06.27.11 FOX: 2011 World Cup 3

Length 3:32   Location Leogang, Austria

06.29.10 FOX: 2010 WC 1 Riders at Maribor

Length 3:10   Location Maribor, Slovenia

06.29.10 FOX: Team YETI/FOX at 2010 WC 1

Length 6:11   Location Maribor, Slovenia

06.29.10 FOX: 2010 WC 2 Riders at Fort William

Length 4:04   Location Fort William, Scotland

06.29.10 FOX: Team YETI/FOX at 2010 WC 2

Length 4:49   Location Fort William, Scotland

06.29.10 FOX: 2010 WC 3 Riders at Leogang

Length 4:22   Location Leogang, Austria

06.29.10 FOX: Team YETI/FOX at 2010 WC 3

Length 6:17   Location Leogang, Austria

06.17.09 FOX: 2009 YETI-FOX South Africa

Length 4:41   Location Nambiti, South Africa

06.17.09 FOX: 2009 WC Downhilll 2, La Bresse

Length 3:47   Location La Bresse, France

06.17.09 FOX: 2009 WC Downhilll 3 pt.1, Andorra

Length 3:31   Location Vallnord, Andorra

06.17.09 FOX: 2009 WC Downhill 3 pt.2, Andorra

Length 4:25   Location Vallnord, Andorra


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