2016-2017 FLOAT X2 Air Spring Tuning with Air Volume Spacers

Changing volume spacers in the shock is an internal adjustment that allows you to change the amount of mid stroke and bottom out resistance. 

  • If you have set your sag correctly and are using full travel (bottoming out) too easily, then you could install a larger spacer to increase bottom out resistance. 
  • If you have set your sag correctly and are not using full travel, then you could install a smaller spacer to decrease bottom out resistance.
  • The red “spacer limiter” present in select size FLOAT X2 shocks is a required component that limits the maximum quantity of volume spacers and must not be removed. 


Screen Shot 2016-10-12 at 3.37.05 PM.jpg

Screen Shot 2016-10-12 at 3.26.01 PM.jpg


Shock Travel Max Allowed Volume Spacers (Pair of 233-00-240)
2" Stroke 4
2.25" Stroke (7.875" x 2.25") 2
Enduro 2.25" (8.5" x 2.25") 3
2.5" Stroke 3
2.75" Stroke 3
3" Stroke 5
3.5" Stroke 4
50mm Stroke 4
55mm Stroke 2
57.5mm, 60mm, and 62.5mm Stroke 5
65mm Stroke 3
70mm Stroke 7
75mm Stroke 5



  • FLOAT X2 Air Spring Volume Spacers each have a volume of 0.25in³ (PN: 233-00-233).
  • Never install more than the maximum number of air volume spacers listed in the chart above.


Some 2017 FLOAT X2 shocks have been built with a new outer air sleeve locking feature. To unlock the air sleeve, unthread and remove the small screw near the locking tab with a 1.5mm hex wrench then follow the procedure below. Once complete, reinstall the small screw, tightening to 2 in-lb torque with your 1.5mm hex wrench.


The following instructions guide you through the removal or installation of the FLOAT X2 volume spacers.

WARNING: FOX products should be serviced by a trained bicycle service technician, in accordance with FOX specifications. If you have any doubt whether or not you can properly service your FOX product, then DO NOT attempt it. Improperly serviced products can fail, causing the rider to lose control resulting in SERIOUS INJURY OR DEATH.

WARNING: Never attempt to modify air volume spacers, as this can damage your shock causing a loss of control of the bicycle leading to SERIOUS INJURY or DEATH.

WARNING: FOX suspension products contain pressurized nitrogen, air, oil, or all 3. Suspension misuse can cause property damage, SERIOUS INJURY OR DEATH. DO NOT puncture, incinerate or crush any portion of a FOX suspension product. DO NOT attempt to disassemble any portion of a FOX suspension product, unless expressly instructed to do so by the applicable FOX technical documentation, and then ONLY while strictly adhering to all FOX instructions and warnings in that instance.

WARNING: Modification, improper service, or use of aftermarket replacement parts with FOX forks and shocks may cause the product to malfunction, resulting in SERIOUS INJURY OR DEATH. DO NOT modify any part of a fork or shock, including the fork brace (lower leg cross brace), crown, steerer, upper and lower leg tubes, or internal parts, except as instructed herein. Any unauthorized modification may void the warranty, and may cause failure or the fork or shock, resulting in SERIOUS INJURY OR DEATH.

WARNING: Do not remove the internal red spacer limiter and under no circumstances use more than the Fox Factory specifed quantity of volume spacers for your shock absorber. Never use the black rubber volume spacer rings, only use the FOX orange plastic volume spacer pairs.


Step 1

Clamp your shocks non-adjuster eyelet in a soft-jawed vise. Remove the black air cap and thread on your FOX shock pump. Slowly release all air from the main air chamber with your pump, then remove the pump. Verify that all air has been released by depressing the Schrader valve with a lint-free towel covering the valve to prevent any oil spray.



Step 2

Rotate the air sleeve counter-clockwise (when viewed from above) until it stops, then push it down toward the soft-jawed vise. There will be resistance as you slide the air sleeve down due to o-ring friction. Remove the shock from the vise and slide the air sleeve the rest of the way off the shock to remove.


You may rotate the adjuster eyelet independently of the non-adjuster eyelet at any time to help create air valve to piggyback clearance.


Step 3

Install or remove FLOAT X2 air volume spacers (PN: 233-00-233) by stretching them over the non-adjuster eyelet. Make sure that the spacers are not twisted once installed and oriented as close as possible to the adjuster eyelet. Do not exceed the maximum number of spacers listed in the chart above for your specific size shock.


Make sure to orient all FLOAT X2 volume spacers as close to the adjuster eyelet as possible. Failure to do so may allow the FLOAT X2 air volume spacers to cover the transfer port between the inner and outer air sleeves. 

FLOAT X2 air volume spacers that cover the transfer port may cause some positive air pressure to be trapped in the extra volume portion of the air sleeve and not allow it to return to the main air chamber. If the shock feels soft on compression, but shows a normal air pressure when measured with your pump, your FLOAT X2 air volume spacers may need to be relocated closer to the adjuster eyelet to allow for proper shock function.


Step 4

Note the tab on the inside of the air sleeve and the keyhole in the non-adjuster eyelet. Align the tab on the air sleeve with the keyhole in the eyelet, slide the air sleeve fully onto the shock (air valve end first), then rotate the sleeve clockwise (when viewed from above) until it stops.



Step 5

Attach your shock pump then add air while you slowly cycle your shock through 25% of its travel 10 times as you reach your desired pressure. Reinstall the black air cap.

You can find additional informaiton regarding setting air pressure by going to: Using the EVOL Air Sleeve »


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