Mark Weir

Mark Weir

Mark Weir

Hometown Novato, CA     Years Competing 24

Nicknames Dirt or Weirwolf

Team FOX, Cannondale

Discipline Anything on 2 wheels but not much of a hucker

Honors Bowmen Cayon Cup 4 time winner of the mummified cat. I like to build trails.

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07.28.09 2nd Place for Team USA in the Enduro MTB Trophy of Nations Read more »

How does FOX contribute to your success?
I was riding FOX products since I started. I bought the product because I knew it would hold up. That is what I love. They make products that make the ride better. The better the ride the more you want to ride. That's what they gave me. The opportunity to ride my bike more.

Tell us about your bike/vehicle setup.
Factory Series 36 VAN 160 FIT RC2, DYAD RT2, WTB TCS Wheels & Tubeless Tire System, WTB VOLT Carbon Saddle, Shimano PRO Bar & Stem, Shimano XTR Shadow Plus Rear Derailleur. Carbon Nomad with a Factory Series 36 VAN 180 FIT RC2 and a coil Factory Series DHX RC4 shock with Ti spring. 1952 Willys's always ready to wheel. It also has has cup holders large enough to hold a 24 oz. pillar of Bud.

What else is in your garage?
Nothing, my shit burned down. I have no garage and I'm hating my life. Having a garage my whole life was something I took for granted. What have I learned? Less is more... of course that was forced on me. Also that it is going to take years to get back to having that much shit. It will be fun...

What's your training regimen?
I like to ride as much as I can, 4 hours or so, then ride my moto and build trails while drinking beer. If I could do this all day and not become such a fat slob I would. Looking at the layer of fat on my back I think I better start drinking the silver bullets. That stuff is like a sports drink.

Any major injuries, and how did you recover?
I have had plenty. The ones I liked the least - both hips dislocated and one of them fractured. Once I was doing trail maintenance and an oak tree fell on my leg and tore my calf muscle apart. Compartment syndrome is something I never want again. Also managed to catch barb wire across the eyes putting holes in both eye whites and tearing my lids almost off. Those where my least favorite.

What's your typical pre-race/event meal? Guilty pleasure?
Pizza. I love cheese. Clearing my plate. I could never leave a piece of food on my plate.

How do you determine which races or events to enter each year?
I'm a grass roots guy. As soon as the race gets big or when SRAM shows up I move on. They seem to take all the fun out of it.

What motivated you to get started professionally?
Myles Rockwell doing a manual across the finish line at Mammoth. It was the coolest thing I had ever witnessed on a bike at that time. He was from Marin and I always looked up to him. Something about a 40 mph manual that is so cool.

What separates you from other professional athletes?
My hairline. Also the fact that all of them are more talented then me...

What would you be doing if you weren't a professional athlete?
I really have no clue. I never wanted to do anything but ride my bike. I guess the same. Riding my bike every free minute I have.

What's the best thing about being a professional athlete?
Blue knuckles is what it feels like to me. I'm holding on to it as hard as I can. Feels like walking a tight rope without a net.

What other sports are you interested in?
I play baseball in the spring, football in the fall, and golf whenever my dad takes me. Noodling, lawn darts, and full contact fighting.

Any advice to the readers dreaming to turn pro?
Don't dream of being a pro, that will just stall you out. Dream of riding your bike everyday and what it will take to do it.

What are your favorite magazines and websites?
I like them all. G&A magazine, JP magazine, Decline, Mountain Bike, MBA, Bike Mag. If they talk about cool stuff I'm in. Hell, when I get to the airport I'm they guy in front of you with 10 mags and 6 bags of candy.

Favorite movie quote?
"Are you going to bark all day little doggie or are you going to bite?" - Reservoir Dogs. Also, "Is it white boy day?" - True Romance.

Who is your hero?
My wife, my son Gus, and my mom and dad. Love um so much it hurts.

Are you a Mac or PC? Come agian?

Top 3 bands Tool, Hank Jr., and Waylon

Greatest strength My liver

Most frustrating challenge Starting over

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