Daryl Rath

Daryl Rath

Daryl Rath

Hometown Hutchinson, MN     Years Competing 33

Nicknames Captain

Team Factory Polaris/Rath Racing

Discipline GNCC Utility, RZR, TT, Ice Racing, MX

Honors Mutiple National Championships, Two International Championships, State, District, and Regional Championships

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09.14.09 Rath Takes Third at Unadilla GNCC on Sportsman 850 XP with EPS Read more »

How does FOX contribute to your success?
In terrain racing, suspension is such a huge part of a good performing machine - and they take the time to make sure not only is it right but will stay right for two hours. They are at the track for support and help in product development and testing. That all means the best product available to their riders.

Tell us about your best race or event and how it changed you.
Racing the 200X - the very first big event I went to. There was 28 riders, we had four re-starts and I holeshoted everyone and won the main. From that point on I knew the one and only thing I wanted to do was race.

Tell us about your bike/vehicle setup.
We run FOX PODIUM X on everything, the Sportsman 850XP, the RZR 900XP, and on my sport bikes I run FOX fronts.

What else is in your garage?
With four boys, my garage looks like an ATV shopping center. All sizes, shapes and colors from 50cc - up, RZr's and of course a lawn mower. My family enjoys BMX so the pedal bikes are in there as well.

What's your training regimen?
A lot of seat time. I try to ride/cross train everyday. I ride both MX and the Utility. I also concentrate on cardio (keeping my heart rate to the right level to increase my endurance), running, stair stepper, rowing machine and the Schwinn Airdyne bike are my favorites.

Any major injuries, and how did you recover?
I have been very fortunate in this area for as many years as I have been doing this. I have broken my leg, collarbone, a few ribs, and dislocated my elbow (which was the most painful and hardest to recuperate from).

What's your typical pre-race/event meal? Guilty pleasure?
I try and eat healthy all the time. A good friend of mine once said "feed the body not the mind" - makes pretty good sense. When I do give in it is hard to beat warm choc chip cookies and ice cream!

How do you determine which races or events to enter each year?
I'm in contract to do so many each season - but because I really enjoy all types of racing, I am always looking for a race on my "off" weekends. I raced 36 events in 2010.

What motivated you to get started professionally?
I enjoyed racing and continued to look for a challenge outside of the local series. I started attending Nationals in 1988 San Antonio, TX, and I haven't stopped.

What separates you from other professional athletes?
The years of experience, my parts design and that experience as well. I guess you could say I am both track smart and shop smart. I do more juggling than most right now - with a wife, four boys, a business, trying to train, race, and I am still really involved in building and maintaining my machines.

What would you be doing if you weren't a professional athlete?
I would continue to focus on Rath Racing and would be supporting my sons on the track.

What's the best thing about being a professional athlete?
When the little kids come up to you and you're a "hero" in their eyes, the smiles and the excitement. It reminds me of the days I looked up to the pros. And of course winning. Crossing the finish line knowing that all the hard work and effort paid off.

What other sports are you interested in?
BMX, sprint cars, Off-Road trucks, Nascar, supercross... pretty much anything raced with a motor and I am a fan.

Any advice to the readers dreaming to turn pro?
It is not a part-time commitment, it has to be your lifestyle, not your hobby. To be the best at something you have to do it better then everyone else who wants to be the best... and that takes, time, effort, commitment, determination and dedication. Being a pro doesn't have a schedule, it is everyday all year long, there isn't a true "offseason."

What are your favorite magazines and websites?
Dirtwheels, Racer X, ATVRiders, Quadzone, ATV Scene, ATV Magazine, ATV Insider, Max Fitness, Mens Health, and once in a while I read my wife's Cosmo.

Favorite movie quote?
"What is this... a jelly donut?" - The Sarge from Full Metal Jacket rules.

Who is your hero?
Jeremy McGrath, he has accomplished so much and still continues to branch out to new forms of racing with success.

Are you a Mac or PC? PC

Top 3 bands ACDC, The Cars, and pretty much old school

Greatest strength I handle pressure on the track well, I can stay mentally strong and focused.

Most frustrating challenge Staying in shape, being competitive at 43, balancing racing, family, and work... not only balancing but staying successful.

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