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FOX Internal Bypass technology is now available on TRD PRO Tacoma, Tundra, and 4Runner.

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FOX patented Internal Bypass technology offers position sensitive damping that adapts to any terrain on and off the road, providing a plush, predictable ride everywhere you go.

UP FRONT 2.5-inch FOX coil-overs are paired with TRD springs for a higher ride height.

OUT BACK 2.5-inch FOX remote reservoir shocks are paired with TRD leaf springs.

2019 TRD Pro


2019 TRD Pro

4RUNNER TRD PRO - Front/Rear

Internal Bypass technology allows both compression and rebound damping to be controlled based on the position of the suspension. A hydraulic bump zone is activated in the last few inches of suspension travel.

Position-sensitive damping allows for an initial plush ride and progressively increases in firmness through the damper's stroke.

Internal Floating Pistons (IFP) in each aluminum damper work to help assure maximum damping and sustained fade-free performance.

2.5-inch diameter aluminum bodies lower overall suspension weight and increases the shock fluid capacity for greater cavitation resistance.

Larger inner piston valving circumference allows for better tuning resolution, and custom valving, shock fluid, and nitrogen gas pressure improve bump compliance and help maximize seal life.

Hardened, oversized shock shafts are protected by redundant dust boots.

Utilizes all OE chassis fasteners, mounting points, and bushings for added durability.