Information on "Strut-mount" bikes and FOX/Marzocchi coil shocks

Mountain bikes (MTB) and electric mountain bikes (eMTB) with "strut-mounts" such as those shown below require additional evaluation when configuring with a FOX or Marzocchi aftermarket coil shock.

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When evaluating the purchase of a FOX or Marzocchi aftermarket coil shock (DHX2, VAN, or BOMBER CR) on a "strut-mount" MTB or eMTB frame, FOX and Marzocchi recommend the following:

  • Please check OEM bike owner's manual for confirmation of coil shock compatibility.
  • DO NOT exceed the shock stroke or max strut length* listed in the table below (consult your OEM if unsure).
  • Confirm shock length/ shock stroke for the specific frame.
  • Only "metric-length" shocks should be used.


Shock Stroke  Max Strut Length*
Standard Eyelet  Trunnion Eyelet 
40mm-45mm 118mm 76mm
50mm-55mm 98mm 56mm
60mm-65mm 72mm 36mm
70mm-75mm 37mm 16mm

*Strut length is the distance between the axis of pivot and the axis of the shock mount


FOX/Marzocchi does not recommend FOX or Marzocchi coil shocks be used on the following bike models. These are known models and may, at a later date, be updated.


  • Canyon:               Spectral (MY2020-2021), Torque (MY2021)
  • Commencal:       Meta (MY2018-20), Meta Power (MY2019-21)
  • Eminent:              Onset (MY2020-2021)
  • Kellys:                   Theos F series (MY2021)
  • Lapierre:              Overvolt (MY2020-21)
  • Polygon:              Xquarone (MY2018-21), Siskiu (MY2018-2021)
  • Specialized:        Kenevo (MY2020-23), Levo (MY2019-23), Levo SL (MY2020-23), Stumpjumper Evo (MY2020-23)


NOTE: These are known strut models bikes that cannot accept a FOX or Marzocchi coil shock.  This is not intended to represent a complete list of bikes that cannot accept a FOX or Marzocchi coil shock.  Please always refer to the FOX/Marzocchi strut-mount guidelines to confirm compatibility with any strut design not listed.


If you have further questions, please contact FOX/Marzocchi or your local FOX or Marzocchi Distributor.

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