2015-2018 36mm Wheel Installation (15mm or 20mm Pinch Axle)

Install Your Wheel Correctly to Benefit From the Floating Axle

The 2015-2016 36 fork uses a true floating axle. Follow the installation instructions in the video below to properly install your front wheel and enjoy the friction reducing benefits of the floating axle. 

Wheel installation is identical for both the 15mm and 20mm axles. Information regarding converting between 15mm and 20mm axles can be found in the 15mm and 20mm Axle Conversion section. Additional information regarding installing wheels can be found here »


WARNING: Modification, improper service, or use of aftermarket replacement parts with FOX forks and shocks may cause the product to malfunction, resulting in SERIOUS INJURY OR DEATH. DO NOT modify any part of a fork or shock, including the fork brace (lower leg cross brace), crown, steerer, upper and lower leg tubes, or internal parts, except as instructed herein. Any unauthorized modification may void the warranty, and may cause failure or the fork or shock, resulting in SERIOUS INJURY OR DEATH.

WARNING: Make sure that your wheels and wheel axles are securely fastened before riding, in accordance with the bicycle owner's manual instructions. Either wheel separating out of the bicycle frame may cause a crash and result in property damage, SERIOUS INJURY OR DEATH.

WARNING: As dirt and debris can accumulate between the fork axle openings, always check and clean these areas before installing the wheel. Improper hub and axle installation can result in SERIOUS INJURY OR DEATH.

WARNING: FOX products should be installed by a professional bicycle service technician, in accordance with FOX installation specifications. If you have any doubt whether or not you can properly and safely install your fork, then do not attempt installing it. Improperly installed forks can fail, causing the rider to lose control resulting in SERIOUS INJURY OR DEATH.

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