2015-2017 36mm FLOAT Changing Compression Ratio with Air Volume Spacers

WARNING: Always wear safety glasses and protective gloves during service to prevent potential injury. Failure to wear protective equipment during service may lead to SERIOUS INJURY OR DEATH.

Adjust Your Compression Ratio For The Perfect Air Spring Feel

The 2015-2016 36 FLOAT uses an air spring system that can be adjusted to provide different compression ratios. The video below shows you how to change your compression ratios by adding or removing air volume spacers.

There are two different air volume spacers: small Blue 7.6cc and large Orange 10.8cc

New 2015-2016 36 FLOAT forks come from the factory with one blue 7.6cc spacer installed. To make it easier to achieve full travel, you can remove the existing spacer to lower your compression ratio. If you are going through your travel too easily, you use  up to 4 total spacers (any combination of blue and orange) to achieve the desired compression ratio.



Air volume spacers may be desired when reducing travel as any reduction in travel will reduce your overall compression ratio. 

WARNING: FOX products should be serviced by a qualified bicycle service technician, in accordance with FOX specifications. If you have any doubt whether or not you can properly service your FOX product, then DO NOT attempt it. Improperly serviced products can fail, causing the rider to lose control resulting in SERIOUS INJURY OR DEATH.

WARNING: FOX suspension products contain pressurized nitrogen, air, oil, or all 3. Suspension misuse can cause property damage, SERIOUS INJURY OR DEATH. DO NOT puncture, incinerate or crush any portion of a FOX suspension product. DO NOT attempt to disassemble any portion of a FOX suspension product, unless expressly instructed to do so by the applicable FOX technical documentation, and then ONLY while strictly adhering to all FOX insturctions and warnings in that instance.

WARNING: Modification, improper service, or use of aftermarket replacement parts with FOX forks and shocks may cause the product to malfunction, resulting in SERIOUS INJURY OR DEATH. DO NOT modify any part of a fork or shock, including the fork brace (lower leg cross brace), crown, steerer, upper and lower leg tubes, or internal parts, except as instructed herein. Any unauthorized modification may void the warranty, and may cause failure or the fork or shock, resulting in SERIOUS INJURY OR DEATH.

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