2016-2017 Performance Series FIT4 Remote Conversion

Required Parts

  • 803-00-817 Service Set: Remote Lever, AM Splitter, Kit (Only needed in conjunction with a remote rear shock)
  • 820-05-333-KIT Service Set: 2016 FIT4 TopCap Interface Parts P-S Remote
  • 820-07-033 2014-016 3Pos Remote Lever, Single Cable, AM, Preconfigure: Right

Supplies Needed

  • 2.5mm Hex Wrench
  • 2mm Hex Wrench
  • 3mm Hex Wrench
  • Cable Cutters
  • Magnet
  • Seal Pick

Performance Series FIT4 3-pos forks can be converted to work with a handlebar mounted remote. Once converted, you will need to use the 820-07-033 remote lever.

Performance Series forks require the 2016 FIT4 TopCap Interface Parts P-S Remote (PN: 820-05-333-KIT).

The following instructions guide you through converting any 2016-2017 32mm, 34mm, or 36mm P-S FIT4 3-pos fork with topcap knobs to one with a handlebar remote.

For information to convert a Factory or Performance Elite Series FIT4 3-pos w/Adjust fork to work with a handlebar remote please go to: Factory and Performance Elite Series FIT4 Remote Conversion »

WARNING: FOX products should be serviced by a trained bicycle service technician, in accordance with FOX specifications. If you have any doubt whether or not you can properly service your FOX product, then DO NOT attempt it. Improperly serviced products can fail, causing the rider to lose control resulting in SERIOUS INJURY OR DEATH.

WARNING: FOX suspension products contain pressurized nitrogen, air, oil, or all 3. Suspension misuse can cause property damage, SERIOUS INJURY OR DEATH. DO NOT puncture, incinerate or crush any portion of a FOX suspension product. DO NOT attempt to disassemble any portion of a FOX suspension product, unless expressly instructed to do so by the applicable FOX technical documentation, and then ONLY while strictly adhering to all FOX instructions and warnings in that instance.

WARNING: Modification, improper service, or use of aftermarket replacement parts with FOX forks and shocks may cause the product to malfunction, resulting in SERIOUS INJURY OR DEATH. DO NOT modify any part of a fork or shock, including the fork brace (lower leg cross brace), crown, steerer, upper and lower leg tubes, or internal parts, except as instructed herein. Any unauthorized modification may void the warranty, and may cause failure or the fork or shock, resulting in SERIOUS INJURY OR DEATH.


Step 1

Set the fork to Open mode by turning the blue lever fully counter-clockwise. Hold the blue lever while unthreading the set screw (counter-clockwise) with your 2.5mm hex wrench. 



Step 2

Remove the 2.5mm hex screw followed by the blue lever.



Step 3

Remove the small retaining ring at the base of the compression selector shaft. It can be difficult to remove this retaining ring as it wants to rotate around the compression selector shaft. It can be helpful to use a pick to press down on one portion of the ring to prevent rotation, while picking at the end of the ring.



Step 4

Use a magnet to lift up and remove the detent spring retainer plate. Use a pick to remove the detent spring by lifting it out of its channel by the outermost end. When done carefully, the spring will ride up your pick tool and prevent it from flying out of the fork. Remove the detent ball with a magnet.



Step 5

Place the black remote housing into the topcap with the cable stop oriented toward the rider's 1 o'clock position.



Step 6

Coat the torsion spring and the blue remote pulley glide ring with a thick film of waterproof grease such as Sta-Lube SL3125 then install one tang of the spring into the hole in the underside of the blue remote pulley.



Step 7

Insert the remote pulley and greased torsion spring into the black remote housing so the pinch bolt is at the rider's 1 o'clock position. Make sure that the bottom spring tang seats into a hole in the black remote housing. 



Step 8

Start the 2.5mm hex screw only 1-2 turns. Do not tighten it fully in this step.



Step 9

Lift up on the black remote housing and rotate counter-clockwise until the cable stop is oriented toward the riders 7 o'clock position (180 degrees). Lower the black remote housing back onto the topcap wrench flats. If you cannot lift the black remote housing, try loosening the 2.5mm hex screw until it retains the knobs while allowing you to lift the black housing past the topcap wrench flats to rotate it.



Step 10

Use a 2mm hex wrench in the cable pinch bolt to hold the blue pulley from rotating while you tighten the 2.5mm hex screw to 11 in-lb (1.2 Nm). Do not allow the blue pulley to rotate while tightening the 2.5mm hex screw.



Step 11

Install the remote lever onto your handlebar. Do not exceed 15 in.-lb (1.7 Nm) torque. Less torque may be needed for carbon bars. Please see bar manufacturer's instructions for use with carbon bars. Make sure to check for clearance between the remote lever and any brake or shifter controls.



Step 12

Route cable housing from the fork topcap, around the rear of the crown, to the remote lever and cut to length. Install a ferrule on the end of the housing at the remote lever. The end of the housing at the fork topcap does not require a ferrule.



Step 13

Set the remote lever to Open mode by pushing the black lever. Make sure that the cable head is completely seated in the remote lever.



Step 14

With all cable housing fully seated and no slack in the system, lightly lubricate the inner cable and thread it through the cable housing and black remote housing at the topcap. Loosen the 2mm set screw in the side of the pulley until you can thread the cable behind it. Pull the cable snug then tighten the cable pinch bolt.



Step 15

Cut off excess cable and install a crimp on the end.


NOTE: Actuate the release lever with the suspension unweighted for immediate changes between damping settings. Actuating the release lever with the suspension under load may cause a slight delay transitioning between damping modes.

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