2016 Bath Oil Volume Chart

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2016 Fork Oil Volumes



2016 Fork Oil Volume Chart Download »


  2016 Fork Model/Oil Location 20wt. Gold Oil Volume
1 All 32/34mm 80-120 FLOAT NA2 Air-Side Bath 25cc
2 All 32/34mm 130+ FLOAT NA2 Air-Side Bath 10cc
3 All 32/34mm FLOAT NA2 Air Chamber 3cc
4 All TALAS Air-Side Bath 30cc
5 All 32/34mm FIT4 Damper-Side Bath 15cc
6 32mm TerraLogic Damper-Side Bath 30cc
7 All FIT iRD Damper-Side Bath 20cc
8 36mm FLOAT NA Air-Side Bath 10cc
9 36mm HSC/LSC Damper-Side Bath 30cc
10 36mm FIT4 3pos Damper-Side Bath 40cc
11 All 40mm Damper-Side Bath 50cc
12 40mm FLOAT NA2 Air-Side Bath 35cc
13 40mm FLOAT NA2 Air Chamber 6cc
14 40mm Coil Spring-Side Bath 50cc

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