Yeti SB100 Switch Infinity Link User Guide

The SB100 Switch Infinity Link is a mechanism built for YETI by FOX.  All technical inquiries about the mechanism, including warranty should be directed to an Authorized YETI Dealer.


The SB100 Switch Infinity Link is protected by YETI patents that can be viewed at

Maintenance of the link is dependent on usage and environmental conditions. 

The only service to perform on the mechanism is to keep the exterior clean and to re-grease.  


Service Intervals
Dry/Dusty Conditions 75-100 hours
Excessive Mud, Dust, or Frequent Washing 25-50 hours
Minimum Service Interval* 10-15 hours


*Servicing the Yeti Infinity Link more frequently than this is excessive, messy, and unnecessary.


Do Not disassemble the Yeti Infinity Link. The Yeti Infinity Link is built with some preload on the shaft bearings which is required to keep the mechanism free of play. The leverage ratio between the wheel and link movement is so great that any friction felt between the shafts and bearings can be considered insignificant.

Do Not disassemble the Yeti Infinity Link as special tools are required for proper assembly. Improper assembly can lead to damaged parts that may not function as expected which can cause loss of control of the bicycle resulting in SERIOUS INJURY OR DEATH.

Servicing the Yeti Infinity Link

Servicing the Yeti SB100 Switch Infinity Link involes injecting grease into the grease Zerk fittings. You will need a needle-style grease gun and Yeti's heavy duty grease which can be found at your local Yeti Dealer or on Yeti's website: Yeti Grease »

Different regions and riding conditions may benefit from the use of alternative greases. In all usage conditions, Heavy Duty Yeti grease will suffice.


Step 1

Clean the inside of both main pivot bolts using a Q-tip. 



Step 2

Remove the rear fender by pulling on the side edges at the top and bottom.  The fender should unclip from the frame hardware.  Clean the exterior of your Yeti Infinity Link using isopropyl alcohol or soapy water and a clean rag or Q-tip. 

If your SB100 fender is retained by four screws, please contact your Authorized Yeti Dealer for further details.



Step 3

The needle-type grease fittings of the Yeti Infinity Link require a generous push to make a proper seal while injecting grease.

Use your needle-type grease gun to inject a Heavy Duty Molybdenum grease (such as Mobil XHP 222 Special or similar through the Zerks housed in the Main Pivot bolts. Inject until you see grease extruding from the shaft seals.



Step 4

Wipe off any excess grease using a clean rag or Q-tip.  No external lubrication of the shafts or seals is necessary.



Step 5

Re-install the rear fender, ensuring the small seal is oriented to the top.  Push the fender onto the frame hardware until it clips at the top and bottom.  Service is now complete.  Enjoy the ride!


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