California Transparency in Supply Chains Act ("SB 657" or the "Act") Disclosure

We at FOX Factory, Inc. and its affiliated companies, including FOX Factory Holding Corp. (collectively "FOX" or "Company"), absolutely condemn human trafficking in the strongest terms and are committed to conducting our business in a lawful, ethical and responsible manner. Any violations found by the Company will be dealt with immediately and thoroughly. While this is our policy, we do not believe that a more rigorous involvement with our supply chain is warranted at this time.

In accordance with section 1714.43 of the Act, FOX hereby discloses:

  1. 1. That it uses no formal process for verification of product supply chains to evaluate and address risks of human trafficking and slavery.
  2. 2. That it does not conduct audits of its suppliers to evaluate supplier standards for human trafficking and slavery.
  3. 3. That it does not require direct suppliers to certify that supplied materials comply with laws regarding human trafficking and slavery.
  4. 4. That it does not maintain formal accountability standards or procedures for employees or contractors regarding human trafficking and slavery standards.
  5. 5. That it does not provide its employees or management with formal training regarding human trafficking and slavery.


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