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Control Direction

Use the diagram below if you need help deciphering control orientation.

As all fork and rear shock control knobs are manipulated relative to the seated riders' perspective, fork control directions are relatively straightforward. However, with rear shocks it can be confusing, as there are a myriad of suspension designs that require FOX Racing Shox rear shocks to be installed in various orientations.

Clockwise/counter-clockwise Definition

A clockwise motion (control knob turned IN) is one that proceeds 'like the clock's hands': from the top to the right, then down and then to the left, and back to the top. Conversely, a counter-clockwise motion (control knob turned OUT) is one that proceeds from the top to the left, then down and then to the right, and then back to the top.

Fork and Rear Shock Control Directions

"Clockwise" and "counter-clockwise" apply to knob or lever control turning direction, which is relative to your facing the control straight on. This is consistently true for all FOX forks and rear shock products.

When It Counts.

When It Counts.

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