Cautions and Warnings

Cautions and warnings will be highlighted in black text with an orange background (per ANSI, as shown below. The information displayed in a caution and warning will aid you in preventing damage to yourself and your equipment. Please heed them.

Cautions and Warnings will be shown in this format.

Notes and Tips

Notes and tips to assist you various procedures will be highlighted in black text with a light blue background, as shown below. The information displayed in a note and tip will offer you suggestions on a procedure that can be done differently or that will save you some time—but never in an unsafe manner.

Notes and Tips will be shown in this format.

Using FOXHelp

FOXHelp contains a wealth of information about your new FOX product. Using the navigation pane on the left-hand portion of your browser window you can access other sections of FOXHelp at any time. Here are some useful tips for using FOXHelp:

Using the Help Bar

The Help Bar (shown below) is located at the top of every FOXHelp page (except for the Intro section), and provides you with a quick way to get to some important areas of FOXHelp.

Takes you to the Product Selector so you can browse other FOX products.
Shows contact information for FOX Racing Shox.
Prints the contents of the main frame.
Brings you back to this page.

Using Macromedia Flash

Some of the content in FOXHelp is viewable with Macromedia Flash Player 8. If you do not have the Flash 8 plug-in installed on your computer and are not able to download it from the Macromedia website, FOX has provided the player for you. Select the version you need from the list below to begin installation:


Mac OS
Windows (Internet Explorer)
Windows (all other plug-in based web browsers)


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