Thank you for choosing FOX Racing Shox for your bicycle. In doing so, you have chosen the finest suspension product in the world. FOX products are designed, tested and manufactured in Santa Cruz County, California, by the best in the industry.

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FOXHelp–the web browser-based help system and owner's manual–provides you with in-depth information to help you setup, use, and maintain your FOX Racing Shox product.

Please read the following pages before using FOXHelp:

1. Welcome to FOX Racing Shox!

2. Using FOXHelp

3. Important Safety Information

4. Consumer Safety

5. Product Registration

6. Product Selector

You can also access FOXHelp directly from the FOX Racing Shox website. This gives you access to the latest information, but requires a broadband connection to the Internet.

Compare the version number below to the version of FOXHelp running from the FOX Racing Shox website to see where the latest information resides; access the information from whichever source has the latest revision. If the version numbers match, view FOXHelp from either source.

Please read this manual before setting up, using, maintaining or servicing your FOX Racing Shox product.
FOX Racing Shox recommends that you read the first six pages of FOXHelp.

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