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Disc Brake Information for Fox Forks

All FOX 32 and 36 mm forks can use either XC-sized rotors (~165 mm), or DH size rotors (~205 mm). The FOX 40 can only use DH size rotors (200-225 mm). 2008-2009 32 and 36 mm forks both use the 74 mm post mount standard.

The 2005-2007 36 is a standard XC International Disc Bolt Pattern, which means:

The 40 has the NEW DH International Disc Bolt Pattern, which means:

Note:   Fox does not manufacture or provide brake “adapters”, or any other components related to brake systems. Please contact your brake manufacturer for assistance.

Caution!  IMPORTANT: On forks with post-mount disc brakes, the disc brake caliper mounting bolts must have 10-12 mm of thread engagement with the fork. Be sure these mounting bolts are torque wrench tightened to the manufacturer’s specification. In any case, the disc brake caliper mounting bolt tightening torque level must never exceed 90 in-lb.


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