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Dust Wiper Seal Quick Clean and Lube

Tools Required

Note:  Before you start make sure the exterior of the fork is clean and dry and the area around the dust wiper seal is also very clean. You do not want any dirt to fall into the fork during the seal cleaning process.

  1. Wrap the end of small flat blade screwdriver with black electrical tape. Very important this will help prevent scratches on upper tube in case the screw driver slips as you try to push the seal out.

  2. The tip of screw driver should look like this. Fully wrapped with tape.

  3. Cut two four-inch (100mm) strips of black electrical tape.

  4. Place one strip of black tape above the dust wiper seal and directly above the little seal lifter slot on the side of the dust wiper seal and place the other strip of tape on the opposite side of seal and above a seal lifter slot.  

  5. Insert tape covered tip of flat blade screw driver into seal lifter slot and push the seal up slowing about 3mm. Be very careful. Move to opposite side and repeat. Keep working each slot a little at a time until the seal pops up and out of dust wiper seal gland bore.

  6. Push the seal up about two inches (50mm). Place a shop towel under the seal. This will keep dirt from getting into the fork during the cleaning process.

  7. Pour a small amount of suspension fluid on the seal and spin the seal clockwise slowly as you push the seal up upwards. The edge of the two tape strips will remove small debris from under the seal lips as you spin the seal by hand. Repeat as needed.

  8. Using a shop towel clean off any excess oil and dirt from the upper tube. Push the dust wiper seal to the top past the end of the tape. Remove the two strips of tape from the upper tube. Clean the upper tube with soapy water to remove any residue adhesive film. Remove the shop towel that is covering the top of the lower leg.

  9. Pull the foam ring up that is placed in the seal gland bore. Be careful not to scratch upper tubes or tear the foam ring.

  10. Clean the foam ring with suspension fluid and a clean shop towel. Repeat as necessary until the foam ring is clean.

  11. Apply FLOAT Fluid to the foam ring 1/2 of a 5cc pillow pack.

  12. Push foam ring down into dust wiper seal gland bore

  13. Slide dust wiper seal down into seal gland bore.

  14. In most cases, you will be able to push the seal in all the way by hand.

  15. If you cannot push the seal in all the way by hand, use a 10mm socket driver tool (or 10mm socket with extension) and push the seal in as shown. Note: Push in a little at a time, moving the socket around the edge to various locations as you push the seal into place.
  16. Do not push on the dust wiper outer seal lip and garter spring or damage to the seal may result.
  17. The dust wiper seal is now flush with top of upper tube seal gland bore.  

  18. Repeat this dust wiper cleaning procedure on the other fork leg seal.  




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