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As a performance-driven brand and industry leader, we recognize the opportunity for social and environmental impacts to drive innovation and deliver sustainable company performance. Responsible growth means intentionally focusing on how our operations and products impact the environment and how we interact with our communities. Due to Fox’s involvement in various segments, we are in a unique position to lead the way with environmental, sustainability, and governance (ESG) initiatives. We are doing so by building long-term partnerships with nonprofit organizations in our communities and analyzing our own internal processes for ways to maximize premium performance while minimizing our environmental impact.

As part of our ESG journey, we recently conducted a materiality assessment to identify the most relevant environmental, social and governance topics for our business and stakeholders. This assessment has informed our emerging ESG strategy and focus areas. All priority topics have been addressed in our strategic framework below. We expect this work to continuously grow and evolve, with the next phase being setting associated goals, programs, and Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) for each pillar outlined.


To unite our communities in shared well-being and adventure.

  • Talent, inclusion & diversity
  • Community impact
  • Employee health, safety & wellbeing


To enjoy, protect and renew our global playground.

  • Trail access & conservation
  • Climate change & greenhouse gas emissions


To redefine performance through sustainable innovation.

  • Sustainable products & materials
  • Product integrity, design & innovation
  • Supply chain social & environmental impact


To drive the highest standards of ethics, controls and governance

  • Corporate governance
  • Business ethics & compliance
  • Data security & customer privacy
  • Transparency & disclosure

This is a new way of speaking for us – even though ESG topics, such as employee health and safety, business ethics, and compliance, have always been a part of our business.

To learn more about our progress to date across these frontiers, view our 2021 ESG Overview.

We look forward to providing a more comprehensive update as part of our 2022 ESG reporting and disclosure efforts. If you have any questions about our ESG strategy or activities in the meantime, please email


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Enhance your Riding Experience

Get monthly FOX updates straight to your inbox.