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  1. How do I know if my shock is right for my application?
    See application guide or contact a FOX representative.
  2. Does the Air Pressure in the shock drop when I hook up the pump?
    Yes. When you thread the pump on to the main chamber air valve, air from the shock fills the line and gauge. You will typically see a 5-10psi drop from your previous setting because of this. On the EVOL chamber you can see a drop of 20-30psi because the air cavity is much smaller.
  3. What is the Air Pressure recommendation/Starting point for my shock?
    Main chamber pressure should be set to specific application. See application guide. For ATV see ride height set-up video.
  4. How do I set my ride height? (ATV)
    A good setting is 7 3/4" from the bottom of the frame to the ground in front of the engine, and 7" from the bottom of the frame to the ground behind the engine. See ride height instructional video for further assistance.
  5. How frequently should I service my shocks?
    Every 20 hours for optimum performance.
  6. How often should I check my air pressures
    Once per race weekend. Once per month for general riding.
  7. How do I adjust my clickers? (high speed/low speed/rebound)
    High Speed Compression is adjusted with a 17 or 18mm socket head or open-end wrench.
    Low Speed Compression and Rebound is adjusted with a flat-blade screwdriver (or knob on some models).
    The preferred method of adjustment is "clicks out." To find out what your current settings are, click adjusters in all the way in (clockwise) and count how many clicks until the adjuster stops. That is your current setting. (Ex: 12 clicks out is right in the middle of adjustment)
  8. What is a good starting point for my clicker settings?
    Compression - High Speed: 12 clicks out from full bottom. Low Speed: 12 clicks out from full bottom. Rebound: 12 clicks out from full bottom.
  9. Do I need to re-valve my shock for my weight?
    Our shocks are calibrated for a specific application. In some cases, shocks may require a re-valve for rider weight and ability.

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