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"Stuck Down" Shock Procedure

Under certain circumstances, a FLOAT or DHX AIR shock can become what is generally recognized as "stuck down”. If your FLOAT or DHX AIR shock has not returned to its original neutral length (eye-to-eye position), DO NOT attempt to disassemble the outer air sleeve or any other part of the shock. Air has become trapped in the air negative chamber, and can potentially cause serious injury if you attempt to disassemble a shock in this condition.

If your shock is stuck down, immediately return it to FOX Racing Shox or an Authorized Service Center for service.

Procedure to check for a "stuck down" shock:
  1. Release air pressure from the shock by removing the air cap and depressing the Schrader valve. You can use the top of the air cap to press in the Schrader valve.
  2. Using a FOX Racing Shox High Pressure Pump, pressurize the shock to 250 psi.
  3. If the shock does not extend, it is stuck down.
  4. Contact FOX Racing Shox or an Authorized Service Center to obtain repair/service information.

    WARNING:  Attempting to pull apart, open, disassemble, or service a shock that is in a “stuck down” condition can result in SERIOUS INJURY OR DEATH. A “stuck down” condition results from a failure of the dynamic air seal located between the positive and negative air chambers within the shock air sleeve, resulting with the negative chamber retaining a higher air pressure than the positive chamber. Contact FOX Racing Shox or an Authorized Service Center for assistance.

    The Air Sleeve Maintenance procedure contains detailed information on clearing a stuck down shock.

    CAUTION:  When working on an air shock, always assume that it is stuck down before taking it apart for service.

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When It Counts.

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