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FOX Racing Shox forks feature a sealing system designed to keep your fork moving smoothly in all conditions. There are two parts to the system: the fork seal and the foam ring. The fork seal features a proprietary scraper lip geometry that keeps dirt out and oil in. The foam ring sits just below the fork seal. It is saturated with oil and in turn applies oil to the upper tube as it passes by. This keeps the fork moving up and down smoothly.

While FOX Racing Shox forks are designed to require minimal maintenance, periodic inspection and cleaning of the fork sealing system is required. It is normal on FOX forks for a small amount of oil and/or grease to accumulate on the upper tubes. This is necessary to keep the fork working smoothly and to keep dirt out. Furthermore, fork seals are grease packed at the factory. This grease tends to migrate out of the seals during the break-in period.

Storing the bicycle upside down and inverting the fork allows oil to run down to the foam rings and keeps them lubricated and ready for your next ride.


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