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Structural Inspection

Upper Tubes

Look for scratches and dings on the upper tubes, which will prematurely wear seals and bushings. Big scratches and/or dings could compromise the integrity of your fork. Contact an Authorized Service Center if any of the above are present on your FOX fork.


Check both upper and lower crowns for any damage, deformation or cracks. Contact FOX Racing Shox or an Authorized Service Center if any are present.

Lower Legs

Inspect the lower leg for any damage around the brace region, tube sections, disc brake mounts and thru-axle dropouts. Check for cracks or flaking in the paint, which could be an indication of damage to the structure.

36 & 40 Dropout Inspection

With the axle in place, torque the pinch bolts to the proper setting (19 in-lb). There should be a gap present on the under side of the drops. If there is no gap and the walls are touching, this indicates the pinch bolts have been over-torqued. The material in this region may be compromised as a result of the over-torqued pinch bolts. Contact a FOX Service Center if any of the above anomalies are present on your FOX fork.


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