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External Cooling System (ECS2)


Code-named “Shotgun Cooler” during development for its double barrel design, the External Cooling System (ECS2) has been torture-tested and race-proven to reduce shock fluid temperatures by up to 150ºF.

The ECS2 utilizes the shock’s rebound circuit to more effectively circulate shock fluid through the cooler and the shock. Dual aluminum chambers feature external and internal fins for increased cooling surface area, maximizing heat dissipation and its new, sleek design is 7.2 lbs lighter while delivering improved cooling efficiency over its predecessor.

The ECS2 is available in 3 lengths with standard -8 or -10 ports, the ECS2 can be installed on any FOX External Bypass shock. Its universal design also makes it an ideal cooler for transmissions, power steering and more.

Pricing for single cooler assembly only. Installation labor and hoses/fittings not included.

(810-00-130-KIT $530) 11.0” ECS2 Cooler, -8 Ports
(810-00-131-KIT $530) 14.0” ECS2 Cooler, -8 Ports
(810-00-132-KIT $560) 17.0” ECS2 Cooler, -8 Ports
(810-00-133-KIT $530) 11.0” ECS2 Cooler, -10 Ports
(810-00-134-KIT $530) 14.0” ECS2 Cooler, -10 Ports
(810-00-135-KIT $560) 17.0” ECS2 Cooler, -10 Ports

Dual Speed Compression (DSC) Adjuster


Add remarkable versatility and precise tuning with new DSC. A simple twist of either two adjuster knobs allows 10 separate low-speed and 12 high-speed compression levels. Included new black anodized aluminum reservoir increases cooling efficiency.

Available for all 7/8 shaft smooth body and remote reservoir coil-over shocks. New application specific hose and fittings maybe required.

(810-03-001-KIT $375) 8" Reservoir DSC Upgrade - fits up to 10" travel 7/8 shaft shock
(810-03-000-KIT $455) 10" Reservoir DSC Upgrade - fits up to 12" travel 7/8 shaft shock
(810-03-002-KIT $455) 14" Reservoir DSC Upgrade - fits up to 18" travel 7/8 shaft shock

Low Speed Compression (LSC) Adjuster


Upgrade your 2.0 reservoir shocks with 10 clicks of compression adjustability to fine-tune your ride - from very soft to very firm. The improved LSC adjuster provides increased oil flow over it’s predecessor, eliminating harshness associated with restricted oil flow.

The new design also features hard stops at either end of adjustment to prevent continuous rotation of the knob, making it easier to track adjustments in hard-to-reach locations.

(815-00-074-KIT) 2.0 LSC ADJUSTER KIT
Pricing is per single shock. Labor not included.

Quick Adjust Bypass (QAB)


Available for all 2.5, 3.0, and 3.5 external bypass shocks. Quickly and easily manually adjust bypass tubes without tools. The adjuster has the same flow and range as standard bypass units.

The QAB has a definitive click at every quarter turn. O-ring seal keeps moisture and contaminants out.

(815-03-010-KIT) Blue Compression Kit
(815-03-011-KIT) Red Rebound Kit
Starting price is for a single bypass tube, labor is not included.


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Enhance your Riding Experience

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